Sunset Hills is a Retard Factory

What the hell is going on in Sunset Hills?  Apparently the following things have happened there:

  1. Someone honked and someone else in the street.

“They didn’t see me coming, I honked my horn once for safety measures,” she said.

“There was a UPS truck was coming up the street at the same time.”

Wymer, a neo-natal nurse at Cardinal Glennon Hospital, said she was concerned about the daughter in the stroller. She said she honked once for only a few seconds. “They were so disturbed by the honk,” she said.

  1. Which apparently is grounds for arrest in Sunset Hills.

A week later, police arrested her at home and took her away in handcuffs briefly to a holding cell. The arrest was based on a complaint filed by several neighbors that she had honked the horn repeatedly

  1. The Mayor thinks this is all fine.

[Current Mayor] Svoboda said the city hasn’t amended or changed it’s ordinances governing peace disturbances. “It was a good ordinance then, and it’s a good ordinance now,” he said.

  1. Because of that, the woman arrested is now running for mayor.

The legal matters behind her, Wymer said she decided to run for mayor. “I want officials too conform to code of ethics,” she said. “I want them to stop spending taxpayer’s dollars frivolously which they did in this case.”


Dear Lady Running For Sunset Hills Mayor,

You won’t win. Good for you for trying, but seriously it takes more than honking for your neighbors for them to hate you enough to call in favors to get you arrested.  Yes, its pretty messed up that cops actually arrested you for that, but I’m guessing you are probably pretty annoying regardless of the fact that Sunset Hills is apparently run like a high school prom committee.

Just move.  I hear Springfield is nice.

via Globe Democrat