Hoes Be Trippin in the Loop Yesterday

Not sure if the sorta-thaw we had yesterday loosed up the frozen crazy, but in some crazy crap was going down in the Loop around lunch time.

First at the corner of Leland and Delmar we saw a 70+ year old woman land a punch on a van as it sped through the intersection.  I mean a punch too, nothing accidental.  A freaking punch.

Not more than an hour later, we saw a woman beat the living hell out of a “gentleman” over a video game.  After raining blows to the top of his head, ignoring his pleas to the contrary, she capped off the exhibition by hawking a little lung butter on the top of his head.

Now as if getting whooped by a girl on the street at noon wasn’t bad enough, he had to be watched from less than 2 feet away by a group of onlookers.  His only exclamation, repeated countless times, was simply “Hoes be trippin man!”