St. Louis Gives Woman the Job of Postmaster Now That the Job is Irrelevant

On Monday, St. Louis’ very first female Postmaster went to work. Nancy Fryrear became the city’s 36th Postmaster when she stepped in to her office and did…I mean I guess she like got some coffee and then…geez. …what does a Postmaster do again? She will oversee the collection and delivery of mail to the 490,000 business and residential customers in the 631 ZIP code area. Her area of responsibility includes 28 stations and branches, 16 finance units and nearly 1,800 employees. [Read More]

Athletica’s Financial Red Card: Women’s Soccer Team Flops

St. Louis’ professional women’s soccer team closed up shop seemingly out of nowhere Thursday. English brothers Heemal and Sanjeev Vaid, the money men behind both teams, abruptly yanked their backing in recent weeks although contracted to fund the clubs through the 2011 season. Athletica players were told Thursday that will be on their own as free agents effective June 1. Be honest. How many of you reading this even knew this team existed? [Read More]

Hoes Be Trippin in the Loop Yesterday

Not sure if the sorta-thaw we had yesterday loosed up the frozen crazy, but in some crazy crap was going down in the Loop around lunch time. First at the corner of Leland and Delmar we saw a 70+ year old woman land a punch on a van as it sped through the intersection. I mean a punch too, nothing accidental. A freaking punch. Not more than an hour later, we saw a woman beat the living hell out of a “gentleman” over a video game. [Read More]

A St. Louis Woman Sends a Letter to St. Louis Men

A St. Louis Woman Sends a Letter to St. Louis Men
Found in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist: St. Louis Dear Men of Saint Louis, My existence on the same public sidewalk as you does not mean you are entitled to talk to me. Do you need the time? I can do that. Do you need vague, inarticulate directions? I can definitely help. But, unless you are vaguely in my age range and honestly think that if we one day made babies they would be happy, healthy, and not dragged down to some mean attractiveness, you absolutely do not need my phone number. [Read More]

St. Louis Slam Win Championship: Way to Go Dudes!

Congratulations to St. Louis’ own full contact women’s football team on winning their league championship! The St. Louis SLAM women’s full contact football team are now the champions of the Women’s Football Alliance for the first time in team history after a 21-14 victory over the West Michigan Mayhem last Saturday. The undefeated SLAM traveled to Pan Am Stadium in New Orleans, LA, for a championship game showdown with the undefeated Mayhem, and they returned home to St. [Read More]