St. Louis Gives Woman the Job of Postmaster Now That the Job is Irrelevant

On Monday, St. Louis’ very first female Postmaster went to work. Nancy Fryrear became the city’s 36th Postmaster when she stepped in to her office and did…I mean I guess she like got some coffee and then…geez.

…what does a Postmaster do again?

She will oversee the collection and delivery of mail to the 490,000 business and residential customers in the 631 ZIP code area. Her area of responsibility includes 28 stations and branches, 16 finance units and nearly 1,800 employees.

Ah. Gotcha.Keeping track of the snail mail huh? Make sure those dry cleaning coupons for places we didn’t know existed are getting to where they need to. *wink* Thank god we got this post nailed down!

“Hey us ladies need some official sounding job! We’re important and stuff!” Ok little lady…how’s about you take this job keeping track of this service that people rarely use for anything they want and when they do they get all pissy about it and bitch the whole time. Sounds perfect for the ladies!

We also hear that Nancy’s job is to make pies for the other departments that have important stuff to do. Ok…we took it too far didn’t we? Sorry.

We don’t mean any of this ladies, its just that when you don’t have our dinner ready we get cranky.

via St Louis Business Journal