Athletica’s Financial Red Card: Women’s Soccer Team Flops

St. Louis’ professional women’s soccer team closed up shop seemingly out of nowhere Thursday.

English brothers Heemal and Sanjeev Vaid, the money men behind both teams, abruptly yanked their backing in recent weeks although contracted to fund the clubs through the 2011 season.

Athletica players were told Thursday that will be on their own as free agents effective June 1.

Be honest. How many of you reading this even knew this team existed? 40? 4? It doesn’t matter. It’s the United States, soccer teams fold. It’s just the way it is here. In fact you can always look to the league as a whole and see how their react to find out if this is really a big deal.

The league said that St. Louis’ games would count in the standings and that a revised schedule would be released next week. Athletica players will be eligible for the WPS All-Star Game if they find another WPS employer by June 11.

Well that was simple. Even had dates ready and everything. “What’s that? Oh the Athletica collapsed? Ok. Just tell the other 4 teams they have to just play each other now.”

We took to the streets to find out why St. Louis, despite being a “soccer town”, couldn’t find time to support their local women’s soccer team and how owners could make their sport more of a product they would buy in to. The number 2 suggestion? Replace all the women with men. #1? Play something other than soccer.

Our research says two guys hitting each other in the face with 2×4’s would draw a bigger crowd than women’s soccer. Our suggestion? We think women’s sports are great and cheap shots like the stats we unveiled above really piss us off. We, for one, really love Foxy Boxing and…wait….do those tapes of blow job competitions count?

via Globe Democrat