Random Interview: Jeff Sable

It’s been a little while, but we still do the “Random Interview” here on Punching Kitty. Who better to get it going again than Jeff Sable?

Punching Kitty: Who are you?

Jeff Sable, I sing songs and play guitar in a band called…uh..Sable.

PK: How’s it going?

Busy,  I travel a lot and come back on the weekends to play Fast Eddie’s Bon-Air.  I just got asked to be in the big Nashville CMA Fest Parade, so that’s an honor.  Also got a video going out to CMT and GAC in the next few weeks.  I play about 7 shows a week so that’s good too.

PK: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a gig?

Craziest or most upsetting?  I was playing in Jackson, MS  at bar on the reservoir and 2 girls drove their car under the stage/bar and drowned while I was playing.

PK: Uh. Yeah. We’ll count that. What’s the thing about playing at Fast Eddies?

It’s a great crowd, always having fun, I have been playing there for over 10 years!

PK: Have you ever thought about buying a ton of the shrimp, putting them all in an inflatable tub and eating your way out of it…while doing a show?

I can honestly say No.  It’s never even occurred to me.  Maybe if somebody peeled ‘em.

PK: Well yeah, I would assume they would be pre-peeled. If not, then we’re with you. We don’t peel our own inflatable tub shrimp.

PK: Don’t think about it: Best album ever! Go!

Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life

PK: Think of your own question and then answer it.


PK: Clever. If you could fight one celebrity who would it be?

Hmmmm…   There’s so many and do you mean current or all time?  If it’s current, I think Sara Palin,  cuz it’s an easy win and I want her to go away.  All time, the little martian from the Flintstones.

PK: We want you to know that you might have just hit the pinnacle with that answer. Seriously. We are retiring that question now.

PK: Which do you prefer: The worst part of the St. Louis winter, or the worst part of St. Louis summer?

The winter.  Love a good Snow storm.

PK: Have you ever eaten SPAM? It can’t be good, do other people eat it? ..I mean they still sell it.

Haven’t ever, I did ride trail in Minnesota that went right by the SPAM factory, ever heard pigs scream?  The smell wasn’t great either, It’s big in Hawaii though!  I also bought a SPAM sweatshirt.

PK: We think we’ve heard pigs scream. One time we were walking past a Curves when the power went out. Horrible sound.

Thanks to Jeff Sable for playing ball with our questions!  Seriously well played. You can check him out, as he said above, at Fast Eddie’s and for more information checkout his website at: sablecountry.com

If you would like to be a random interview, hit us up at [email protected] and tells us why you should answer 10 weird questions we create while sniffing glue in our basement.