St. Louis Slam Win Championship: Way to Go Dudes!

postgame_team-pic-02_emailCongratulations to St. Louis’ own full contact women’s football team on winning their league championship!

The St. Louis SLAM women’s full contact football team are now the champions of the Women’s Football Alliance for the first time in team history after a 21-14 victory over the West Michigan Mayhem last Saturday.  The undefeated SLAM traveled to Pan Am Stadium in New Orleans, LA, for a championship game showdown with the undefeated Mayhem, and they returned home to St. Louis with the championship trophy on board.  The SLAM finished a perfect 8-0 in the 2009 regular season and made their run to the championship with wins over Las Vegas, Jacksonville, and finally West Michigan.

Pop quiz:  Which one of these girls could play for the Rams?  Answer: All of them probably.

Here’s how it would go down if one of them tried out for the Rams:  At first the guys would all laugh at her and then once she made the team, they would turn very serious and start to be all dicks to her by making her eat lunch alone and knocking her down a stuff, except for one guy, but he wouldn’t really help her in public because he’s only the kicker and couldn’t take the heat.  Things would all change on the day of the big game though, when she came through with a huge play that left her hurt on the field.  When she manages to get up, everyone in the stand starts cheering and then the one Ram that was the meanest to her would slowly stand up and start clapping too, and then the rest of the guys would be all like “Damn, even Steven Jackson is clapping and he was a total dick to her.  I’ll clap now too.” and then everything would be awesome.

…or the first time they all hit the showers the would see her penis and accept her right away becuase she was a dude after all.

Either way.

The first one would probably make a longer movie though.