Sunset Hills Gets Their First Tornado Looters

Ok, now it’s an official disaster. We couldn’t call it earlier, but now we have official looters so it’s finally time. Congrats South County! Someone start printing “I Survived …” shirts. It’s time.

Brothers, Elvis and Hajro Ferhatovic and their father, Omer Ferhatovic each face two counts of felony stealing.

The men were seen picking up an air conditioning unit, lawn mower, even pots and pans from tornado damaged homes. The men came back a few hours later and volunteers alerted police, who made the arrests.

It’s nice to see a family working together in these crazy times we live in. Sure they were poaching a window air conditioner out of a pile of house, but still. You get the feeling they all went back home after that first trip and Mama Ferhatovic had some sort of gruel-based supper on the table and then all talked about their day and what their favorite thing they stole was. Kinda nice when you think about it…well not like “Indianapolis” nice. We meant “St. Louis” nice.

If you’re enjoying that little slice of face collage heaven up there at the top of this post, we should tell you that we didn’t make that graphic. We pulled it from the KMOV post and we immediately thought that if you switched the dad in the middle with the brother on the right the graphic would look like a left-to-right aging thing where you could see the skinny guy taking a nap get fatter and older.

via KMOV