Fireworks Stand Being Set on Fire, Leads to Awesomeness

You’ve thought about it. What would happen if you set a fireworks stand on fire? Apparently a really cool explosion followed by lots of whiney sounds about things like “public safety” and “laws”.

Fire Marshal Barry Nuss of the Lincoln County Fire Protection District said the fire in the 1,800-square-foot tent was set shortly before 4 a.m., but he would not say how.

We’re guessing a match or lighter, but it would be awesome if they lit it from a sparkler.

Fireworks shot through the middle third of the tent, which melted away, filling the sky with a display visible miles away.

Too bad Troy is so far out there no one saw the awesome explosion other than two deer and a crazy woods-people. In fact, if these kids are smart, they should use the “If a fireworks stand is lit on fire and no one hears the explosion, does it make a felony?” defense.

Of course, now the public’s questions turn to their motivation…wait what?

“There wasn’t a specific motivation,” said Capt. Shayne Duryea of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. “According to the statements given by one of the suspects, it was purely random.”

Hell no it wasn’t random. It was a fireworks stand…being lit on fire. A tent full of explosives…being lit on fire. Explosives that make pretty colors…being lit on fire. Is that no clear enough? Was it right? No. They shouldn’t have done that, but I think the motivation is pretty clear.

Another example of something like that is anything in this picture:

via STLToday