Home Explosion Sadly Meth, and Not Mad Scientist Related

A house exploded on Big Bend Station in Manchester Wednesday! I wonder what awesome project was being worked on in there…flubber? Creating a woman that will have sex with anyone? Maybe a transporter? …must be awesome though because they blew up the house and that mean crazy kid scientist that will walk out with soot all over his face and his hair spiked looking dazed, but totally fine. His parents will just look at him…”That’s our Jimmy!”

When the home exploded Wednesday evening it was lifted up and off of its foundation, but police report it landed back in place.


Police investigated the home and found equipment that could be used to make methamphetamines.


Meth house explosions aren’t nearly as whimsical. There isn’t that soot covered little kid holding test tubs, when meth labs explode, just a bunch of methheads and rats scurry out of the house.

…though just like the mad scientists, meth does work hard to produce chicks that will hook up for cheap. Like “smashed up rock candy in a baggie” cheap.

via Globe Democrat