News to Only White People: Black Guys Get Pulled Over a Lot

News to Only White People: Black Guys Get Pulled Over a Lot

Hey guess what 2010, you’re not really all that advanced and progressive as Twitter would have you believe. Black guys are still getting pulled over at an alarmingly higher rate.

The first report, issued in 2001, said black motorists in Missouri were 30 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over, when considering total populations of driving-age residents by race. For 2009, the year that Koster reported upon today, blacks were 62 percent more likely than whites to be stopped.

[Emphasis added.] This seems like something we should be shocked about, but I just can’t muster the surprise. Hell the other day I leaned out of my car and fired an automatic weapon at the side of a children’s hospital and I only got pulled over later on because the cops had found all those bullets I “dropped”. My experience was in stark contrast to that of the “Ladue Black Guy” Jerry who after being pulled over every day last year when he left his house for work opted for “voluntary parole” just so he could check in every morning and save some commute time.

That last part was a joke. It wasn’t everyday, the Ladue cops don’t work on Sundays.

Hispanics are even less likely than whites to be stopped, according to that formula, although Hispanics were twice as likely as whites to be searched — a rate even higher than the rate of police searches of black motorists they stop.

So if the cops do make time in their busy pulling over black dudes with the occasional white guy for cover schedule, they might grab a hispanic guy. …but watch out, if they do get you, its gonna count. They’re gloving up for you buddy.

Turning to the section on those with Middle Eastern decent, it was just most blank page that said, “We don’t care about terrorists getting pulled over.” with a vulgar little drawing.

Seemed like an odd choice.

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