100.3 The Sound Keeps Filling Those Open Slots…That’s What She Said

We now hear that both morning and the afternoon shift has been filled at St. Louis’ newest music station, 100.3 The Sound.

So, um….there you go. Pretty. Exciting. Stuff.

In a related story, I found that pushing on your eye for 2 minutes produces a little squiggly color line show that is just as good as or better than NCIS.

Oh shit I’m sorry. I forgot that school is out and we have more young readers throughout the day!


[rey-dee-oh] noun, plural -di·os,adjective, verb, -di·oed, -di·o·ing.


1. wireless telegraphy or telephony: speeches broadcast by radio.

2. an apparatus for receiving or transmitting radio broadcasts.

3. a message transmitted by radio.

Despite persistent rumors, no major changes have been made at The Sound and apparently they are going to stick with the most generic station name possible. Other options on the table were 100.3 The Station, 100.3 The Commercials, and 100.3 Hello? …Anyone?!