100.3 The Sound Keeps Filling Those Open Slots…That’s What She Said

We now hear that both morning and the afternoon shift has been filled at St. Louis’ newest music station, 100.3 The Sound. So, um….there you go. Pretty. Exciting. Stuff. In a related story, I found that pushing on your eye for 2 minutes produces a little squiggly color line show that is just as good as or better than NCIS. Oh shit I’m sorry. I forgot that school is out and we have more young readers throughout the day! [Read More]

Maybe The Sound Isn’t Dead After All

After our recent post about the imminent demise of St. Louis radio station 100.3 The Sound, we have been getting tips that maybe…just maybe…The Sound might be making a go of it. We’re not saying they still aren’t dead, but we’ve heard that are actually trying to hire people, which has got to be a weird feeling over at ClearChannel. “Wait, how do we fire someone if they don’t work here yet? [Read More]

Is the Sound Going Quiet Already?

St. Louis’ newest station 100.3 The Sound, owned by ClearChannel might be gone before it ever really got started according to a source of STLMedia.net: Clear Channel is very close to selling/donating 100.3 to one of the groups that tried to stop the KFUO transfer. Its a double win for Clear Channel, triple if you consider that The Sound is a complete failure. All of this is being done with San Antonio because of the complex nature of the deal, but it could be done by July 4th. [Read More]