Maybe The Sound Isn’t Dead After All

After our recent post about the imminent demise of St. Louis radio station 100.3 The Sound, we have been getting tips that maybe…just maybe…The Sound might be making a go of it.

We’re not saying they still aren’t dead, but we’ve heard that are actually trying to hire people, which has got to be a weird feeling over at ClearChannel.

“Wait, how do we fire someone if they don’t work here yet?”

“No. We’re hiring them.”

“So when do I take their stuff?”

“You don’t. We bring in new stuff.”

“Where should I put it?”

“Does it matter? The place is a ghost town…put them over by the skeleton of our last salesman.”

“Ok, and then you are going to bring them in and tell them how valuable they were to the company before kicking them out the door?”

“No, that will happen in about a month.”