Missouri Spent $110,000 on Boring Welcome Signs

You know those signs states put up on their borders that you normally don’t pay attention to until the end of a really long road trip? (“Yea! Kentucky!”) Hold on to your butt because Missouri is revealing their all-new welcome signs! …and here they are!

There it is! All $110,000 dollars worth. At this point we aren’t sure if making it part of it look like a Billy Joel cover was extra.

Most of the new signs are made from recycled aluminum and will be installed on existing posts to minimize costs.

Oh thank god. We’d hate it if they would be over-spending.

Made with colored reflective sheeting, the signs will keep their appearance and nighttime reflectivity longer than the former signs, which were silk screen printed.

Is this really a priority? Like we said above, who cares about these signs? The only people that see them more than once a year probably won’t even notice when their driving to work over the bridge.

The only use we can see for a sign like this would be to use them as a beacon of saftey to people stranded in East St. Louis desperately trying to get out after their family and friends have been pulled away in to the darkness by hookers and crack-heads like in some urban horror flick. These signs wouldn’t work though, we would need more of a “Almost there. If you can not get shot in the time before you get to this sign, you’re slightly safer than you were before. Enjoy some Imo’s. If you left your car in Illinois, its gone. Leave it.”

…and then on the back of the sign it would say “Just kidding. You’re probably going to get shot or get a verinal disease over in Missouri too. Try some Ted Drewes before you die.”

via St. Louis Business Journal