The Internet Loves Joe Buck

Could it be? Is St. Louis’ native son, superstar announcer, Joe Buck not well liked by the hive mind that is the internet? Well just ask Google…

As you can tell from the suggestions above, it doesn’t take long to find plenty of Joe Buck hate. Here’s a sampling:

– My god, Joe Buck is annoying. He’s an idiot, boring and has a grating dorky voice. I literally change games when I see he is an analyst. You hear that Fox???

– I have this nasty cold sore on my lower lip. It is going on two weeks now. Every night it dries out and cracks so I have this nasty scab for the first half of the day,then it falls off and alternates between bleeding and oozing puss BUT….I still like it better than listening to Joe Buck

– it obvious that joe buck and troy aikman are gay lovers .i think ight now they a spooning in the both at lambaeu field to keep warm

Just people from other towns you say? Hold on there skippy!

– I was just listening to the last pitch of the World Series and Joe Buck’s call. He made reference to Jason Isringhausen’s conversation with Adam Wainwright and being swarmed then said Wainwright was being swarmed in a big big way. Just utter jibberish….nonsensical shit for brains stuff at the cusp of the Cardinal’s game 5 win.

– I’m from St.Louis and obviously a fan of all the area teams and I got to say I still can’t stand this guy. He is openly self-centered and completely full of himself. He’s a terrible announcer always more than eager to bash teams and players personally while announcing a game. This guy is a disgrace to all sports broadcasting.

Lets also revisit that “joe buck and troy aikman are gay lovers” comment in particular. This seems to be a common thread in the anti-Buck segment. Lots and lots of people really think Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are totally gay for each other. ESPN’s Skip Bayless pseudo-outed the former Dallas quarterback a year ago, and even with that evidence we tend to disagree with the rumors of a steamy broadcast booth affair, the internet seems to disagree. Hell there’s a Facebook page you can join called  “Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are gay…..with each other“. Seriously!

So there’s that.

If you just hate Joe Buck but don’t think he’s necessarily gay, you can join the wonderfully concisely titled Facebook group “F*ck Joe Buck

What do we think about Joe Buck?

Eh. We aren’t all that crazy either way about him. He’s fine most of the time and if we want to throw down on crappy announcers we could give you 5 that are worse than Buck no problem. That being said, we are holding on to one kick in the balls coupon just for Buck because of his amazingly flat announcing of the Cardinals World Series win. Almost like he was trying to tone it down. We recall him going plenty crazy when both colors or ‘Sox won in 2004 and 2005. The Cardinals? We get “…and the St. Louis Cardinals are your World Series Champs.”  That wasn’t the excitement level we wanted. That sounded like the excitement level of a guy picking out a suppository.

Oh also there’s this:

Really Joe? It was disgusting? Really?

[Editor’s Note: The 5 worst are, in no order: Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, Chris Berman,Stuart Scott, Dick Vitale]