Some Dumbass Church Will Be on a St. Louis Hate Speech Tour This Weekend

The socially retarded hate “church” that runs the site (no, they don’t get a link) will be in town Saturday, July 17th, to put up stupid signs and march around so everyone will look at them. Here are snippets of their pubic itinerary: 2:00p – 2:30p @ Staenberg Family JCC You know how to read? Open a paper, or any website news page. I mean do you know that Egypt has made a law that any Egyptian man married to a Jewess shall lose their citizenship? [Read More]

The Internet Loves Joe Buck

Could it be? Is St. Louis’ native son, superstar announcer, Joe Buck not well liked by the hive mind that is the internet? Well just ask Google… As you can tell from the suggestions above, it doesn’t take long to find plenty of Joe Buck hate. Here’s a sampling: – My god, Joe Buck is annoying. He’s an idiot, boring and has a grating dorky voice. I literally change games when I see he is an analyst. [Read More]