Some Dumbass Church Will Be on a St. Louis Hate Speech Tour This Weekend

The socially retarded hate “church” that runs the site (no, they don’t get a link) will be in town Saturday, July 17th, to put up stupid signs and march around so everyone will look at them.

Here are snippets of their pubic itinerary:

2:00p – 2:30p @ Staenberg Family JCC

You know how to read? Open a paper, or any website news page. I mean do you know that Egypt has made a law that any Egyptian man married to a Jewess shall lose their citizenship? Hello?! […] You all have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see what is happening on the national stage.

You would have to be lying to yourself if you don’t realize that if there are more than 60 people in your little protest group, that at least 2-4 of  you are actually gay. Stats don’t lie, just old white guys that hide their feelings until they have a few beers in them and the bus boy at the local Ponderosa walks by a little too close.

6:15p – 7:00p @ Busch Stadium

Since you media types like to know precisely why WBC pickets at different locations; how does this work for you?: Missouri passed laws to stop the preaching of WBC, and each of you is individually guilty of that great sin.

Pfft. Oh yeah, like you’re the first person to tell us we are going to hell. Is that what you are saying? It sure sounds like you are saying we are going to end our life in a overly warm place with lots of grouchy mean people in it…like Florida, but not real. We can live with that.

7:10p – 8:00p @ Scotttrade Center (Lady GaGa concert)

Now what type of wicked hypocrites would we be if we did not warn this little false prophetess and all of her over-indulged sycophants that they are each one, individually heading straight to hell in a gender-confused, self-loathing, tone-deaf hand basket and that a gift from the God they hate? So, we made a couple of songs just for this event. You like Gaga’s songs? Here’s some lines from two of WBC’s parodies of them: Poker face, revamped as No Poker Face: “You wanna strut like you’re unique, but baby please “Monster,” “Lady GayGay,” “Show your teeth,” “This is all me.” (God hates you)

If you think a woman that walks around wearing stuff like above is going to be hurt when you call her “Lady GayGay” you got another thing coming. Plus “Lady GayGay” is so weak. Other hate groups are bullying on a 7th grade level, you guys are still stuck on calling people the equivalent of  “doodie heads”.

Hey perverted priests! These are the people you should be raping.