Who the F*ck Does This Kid Think He Is?!

Punching Kitty? …on MySpace? No sir. Not us. Never.

…but yet, here we are…kinda…not really…

Punching Kitty?! This kid is Punching Kitty? Lets take a closer look:

I would like to think we would have more friends and comments if this was really us.  In fact, this is the part where our heart goes from a little piece of coal to a big giant hart that breaks through the magnifying box…we should hook this kid up! Anyone still have a MySpace account? Yes you do. If you don’t use any more, that’s even better! Go on there one last time and add this kid as your friend! Leave a comment!

Lets hook our little Andy Milonakis-looking doppleganger up something huge! http://www.myspace.com/405208140

We’ll check in on your progress later.