The Reds’ First Baseman Joey Votto Hates the Cubs

If we lose Pujols after next season LeBron-style, we should totally go get the Reds’ Joey Votto to hold down first base. Not only can the guy hit (actually having a better season thus far than the Mang himself.) but he totally hates the Cubs. No not like “Oh you rascal! I hate you.” and then see them chatting it up on the field during BP, but like telling ESPN he hates them. That’s awesome.

When asked about why he didn’t tell fellow All-Star Marlon Byrd what a good play he had in the 9th inning of the All-Star Game, Votto replied:

“I don’t like the Cubs,” said Votto, the first baseman for the NL Central-leading Cincinnati Reds. “And I’m not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back.”

“We are Cincinnati Reds. We’re taught to hate everything in the Central Division. That’s just how it is.”

So I guess he hates the Cardinals too. Hmm. Well Scott Rolen is on the Reds squad now, he’ll tell Votto we are cool since he left on such good terms…oh yeah Tony pissed all over him. Reds GM Walt Jockety knows we’re awesome…right up until he was fired by the Cardinals. Shit. Well at least we can share in the general Cubs hatred and their amazing streak of suckage. Its like the two hated enemies that join together to laugh at how lame the third guy we forgot was still standing there is.

When asked what he thought about the Pirates, Votto replied: “No, I’m pretty sure they are in the Eastern Division. What? Really?! Those games just seem to fly by, didn’t realize we played them that much. Hmm. Well I guess I don’t like them either.”

via ESPN