Project Runway Season 8 Includes Two Designers From St. Louis

I know you think we here at Punching Kitty spend our “down time” doing extreme things like kicking lions or swimming in the Mississippi with our mouths open, but from time to time we might sit down and enjoy the more stagnent side of life by enjoying a spot of TV. Keeping in mind the whole “kicking lions” thing we said earlier, we aren’t afraid to say we watch Project Runway. The one problem with Proj. Run. is that its kind of always the same…New York, weird designers from the coast, or “hoosier” designers from somewhere in the middle.

Imagine our surprise though when we found out that not one, but two, of the up-coming season’s contestants hailed from St. Louis! We’ll be sure to keep you non-watchers updated on their progress later on, but lets just start out with some basic “hellos”:

A.J. Thouvenot

A.J. currently works for local fashion label TrashBiscuit, is 26 and has fabulous emo-kid hair. He, like all of the season 8 cast, has a Project Runway bio page.

Michael Drummond

Michael likes really open collared t-shirts, is 31 and is currently working on his own as a freelance designer. Here is his Project Runway bio page.

The new season start on July 29th, on Lifetime.  Lifetime makes it easy to watch the show and then catch a few stories about how men cheat on, beat and rape everything that has a vagina beating out the last of your manhood…unless you kick lions right after of course.

We’ll see you gentlemen at the zoo.