The Lions Pounced on the Rams and Ate Their Face

The Lions didn’t just beat our St. Louis Rams Sunday afternoon, they destroyed them, dropping their largest point total on an opponent in over 15 years. The Lions bent over the Rams and just went to town, causing Detroit wide receiver Nate Burleson to have to take a break from banging us because he balls were apparently on fire (above). So much for all that “We might make the playoffs! [Read More]

Project Runway Season 8 Includes Two Designers From St. Louis

I know you think we here at Punching Kitty spend our “down time” doing extreme things like kicking lions or swimming in the Mississippi with our mouths open, but from time to time we might sit down and enjoy the more stagnent side of life by enjoying a spot of TV. Keeping in mind the whole “kicking lions” thing we said earlier, we aren’t afraid to say we watch Project Runway. [Read More]

The Rams Win the Slap Fight Between the Two NFL Sissies

Holy crap the Rams won a game! Let me rephrase: Steve Jackson won a game. The rest of them stood around and took penalties for a few hours. For those that missed the game, here’s a recap: There were tons of dropped balls and penalties and, well…here’s a clip from the game: Of course there will be those that will spend all day today talking about this being a “turing point” and how this was when people took control, but lets cut the crap. [Read More]
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