The Rams Win the Slap Fight Between the Two NFL Sissies

Holy crap the Rams won a game!

Let me rephrase: Steve Jackson won a game.  The rest of them stood around and took penalties for a few hours.

For those that missed the game, here’s a recap: There were tons of dropped balls and penalties and, well…here’s a clip from the game:

Of course there will be those that will spend all day today talking about this being a “turing point” and how this was when people took control, but lets cut the crap.  They barely beat the other worst team in the league.  Lets not go crazy on the turning point crap.  Remember the last turing point when they beat the Cowboys last year?  …oh yeah, that was the last time the Rams one won [Editor’s Note: Crap. FAILure is contagious apparently.].

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