Random Interview: Jason Robinson

We are starting a little thing here on Punching Kitty: The Random Interview!  Do I really have to explain it?  Ok, fine.  Its a interview with a random person.

We got some response on Twitter when we asked for anyone that wanted to be interviewed, and this was the first response we got back!  More of these are coming since 1. its a cool spotlight on people and 2. its one less post idea I have to come up with when its a slow news day!  Everyone wins!

If you want to be interviewed randomly, shoot a request over to [email protected] and we’ll fill your (in)box with some hot custom question goodness and you’ll be all like “Hell yeah!” …unless you are a dude, then you will probably be like “What the hell man?”  and I’ll be like “Shit, sorry.” …or  you won’t, and that’s ok too.

On with today’s interview!

jason_robinsonPunching Kitty: Who are you?

Jason Robinson, lead singer of StL rock band The Orbz, graphic

designer extraordinaire, soon-to-be father of boy/girl twins and

part-time KMOX producer

PK: What do you do?

In the words of Richard Stevens, “I’m a Rocker. I Rock Out” — Really,

I produce live radio and go to school. The rocking is a sometimes


PK: How’s it going?

Very well. In the past year, I’ve bought a house with my lovely wife,

made some sweet babies, put out my first album with The Orbz, (“Stop!

The Reporters Will See – available on iTunes, Amazon and at live shows

including our next on 11/13 at Lemmons’ /plug) played some amazing

rock shows – including An Under Cover Weekend, where I got to pretend

to be Frank Black all night (we did The Pixies!)

PK: Favorite place in St. Louis

I am quite fond of The Way Out Club’s bar, the firepit at The Royale

and the big stacks of awesome at Star Clipper. (so it’s a three-way


PK: _This morning I was driving to work through the city stuck behind this

douche that waited for every damn light to turn red! Took me forever to get

to work! So lame. I mean, thats fine if you aren’t trying to get anywhere

but damn, get the hell out of the way. As you can see I’m still totally

pissed about it. What’s your favorite color and why?_

People are so scared about getting ticketed by those red light

cameras. Got a ticket for $100 the other day. Sucks.

My favorite color is black, because it goes with everything and looks

awesome on me.

PK: _The whole Mark McGwire coming back to the Cardinals thing. You care at

all about that?_

If he can get us to the NLC or the World Series, sure. But if he can’t

do that, so what?

PK: _What are you going to be this halloween? (If you aren’t going out, what

would you be?)_

This is totally hypothetical, since I’m working the Blues game on

Saturday, but I always like the idea of a couple’s costume, so I was

gonna go with Superman/Wonderwoman. But then my wife got pregnant.

With boy/girl twins. So, The Skywalker family, naturally. Pre-Darth

Vader Anakin, Padme, Luke and Leia. Yes, I am a huge nerd. My wife is

going to actually go as “the Great Pumpkin” from the Charlie Brown

Halloween special. It’s good to know she’s a huge nerd, too.

PK: What’s the best costume for girls?

I don’t really know. My girl isn’t born yet, but I can say I hate the

“sexy_____” costumes. Blah. Funny? Sarah Palin! Serious? Sally from

Nightmare Before Christmas

PK: Don’t think about it! Best album ever?! Go!

You don’t know the kind of pain this question causes… Top of my

head, because it’s been in steady rotation lately, Elvis Costello’s

“This Year’s Model” — the dude went from country to inventing new

wave in one album. Amazing.

PK: Think of your own question, ask it to yourself and then answer it.

Q: Best Concert in the ‘Lou You’ve Been to?

A: Moby – outside OZ Nightclub. It was August, shortly before my

birthday. I was very moved by the music.

Thanks Jason for popping our Random Interview cherry!