The Lions Pounced on the Rams and Ate Their Face

The Lions didn’t just beat our St. Louis Rams Sunday afternoon, they destroyed them, dropping their largest point total on an opponent in over 15 years. The Lions bent over the Rams and just went to town, causing Detroit wide receiver Nate Burleson to have to take a break from banging us because he balls were apparently on fire (above).

So much for all that “We might make the playoffs!” talk from last week huh? *cough*Told ya so.*cough*

Even pre-blessed, Hall of Fame Quarterback Sam Bradford looked a bit lost out there, especially after losing go-to receiver Mark Clayon to injury. Bradford did have strong words about the teams play after the game though:

“There are going to be a lot of things that we have to find on the film and fix because we have to make sure this never happens again,” said Bradford, who was drafted this year No. 1 overall just ahead of Suh. “I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a loss like this.”

We’re confused now. Do we suck horribly again or is this going to be called just a “blip” or a “growing pain” by the local radio cheerleaders? This is all so confusing! We could have sworn the Rams were the best team in the division last week. Man we hope D’Marco Farr can help us out by explaining all of this while mixing in a few football-isms and telling us which players are “his boy”. Always helpful.

For those that missed the game or haven’t seen the full highlights we have one linked below courtesy of NFL Films:

At least the Rams/Goats proved to be at least difficult enough to chew as to allow those villagers to escape.

via ESPN