Mardy Gilyard Got Robbed

Newly drafted Rams wide receiver Mardy Gilyard got jacked.

“I am OK. Just upset, you know, more than anything,” Gilyard said Tuesday from his Northern Kentucky home. “It’s part of living in the city. I know from my experiences in the city when it warms up – as soon as it warms up – the grimy cats in the city come out. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings as much as I should have been.”

Well that can happen. Sucks though especially since everything we’ve heard about Gilyard points to him being a great guy. Big draft pick like him should probably get a body guard.

Two men armed with a gun approached Gilyard and his bodyguard, Terry Hobbs, and robbed them of $300 in cash and $1,000 in jewelry about 9:30 p.m., a police report shows. No injuries were reported.


Maybe get a good body guard and not just the gentle giant you’ve known since middle school. What’s the point of a bodyguard if you can still get jacked in the street. Maybe it was more of a Ben Roethlisberger-style “I Don’t Think It’s Rape If You Hold Her Down For Me” kinda bodyguard? If it is, don’t waste your money Mardy, plenty of jersey-chasers around here.

We also really love that Gilyard lied to the mugger.

“We see your chains! Give me your chains!” Gilyard recalled the robber yelling at him. The man also demanded the keys to Gilyard’s new car. Gilyard , who had the keys in his pants pocket, told him the car had a keyless ignition.

“I’m like, ‘brother, I ain’t got the keys,” Gilyard recalled. “So then it was, ‘well, forget the keys! Give me the money! What about the money!’ That’s when he put a .38 revolver in my face. I gave him the pocket change I had on me.”

Dumb ass mugger. Wait, crap. Here’s hoping he doesn’t read the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Good thing, if he’s already been getting jacked: Should fit in just fine here in St. Louis.

via KSDK and The Cincinnati Enquirer