Building Explodes in Joplin, MO

“Whew! We made it! We thought our business would be done for sure during the now infamous Joplin tornados, but somehow our auto paint supply building and business managed to survive and good thing too, because it’s rough out here now and our house sure took a beating. I was just sayin’ to Jan the other day how happy I am we still have money rolling in. A lot of people weren’t as fortunate as… [Read More]

Joplin: Before and After

Photographer Aaron Fuhrman has been posting photos on his Flickr stream of old Google Streetview images of Joplin with shots taken after the tornado. Amazing devastation.

Too bad that guy looking at the pile of rubble that used to be his house got in the shot. Freaking ruined everything. He really needs to start thinking about others.