Here’s a Horrible Idea: Lets Go Try to Convert Kids to Our Religion Because We’re Assholes!

A Ballwin Islamic school, serving roughly 300 kindergarten through 8th graders, has been forced to give kids the day off today because a local group of adults has decided they’d like to interrupt the education of other people’s kids so they they can try and convert them to Christianity. An Islamic school has canceled classes for Friday after parents and faculty expressed concern about a Christian group gathering outside the school to distribute religious materials. [Read More]

St. Louis’ Sports Jesus Says Denver’s Sports Jesus Should Stop Talking About Regular Jesus So Much

That headline is legit! We swear to G…eh. Better not do that in this post. Seriously though, Kurt Warner took some time the other day to tell Tim Tebow, he who’s name in verb form means a quick post-game prayer in the middle of the freaking field or any other random place (, to give it a rest with the God talk. “You can’t help but cheer for a guy like that,” Warner said of Tebow. [Read More]

Building Explodes in Joplin, MO

“Whew! We made it! We thought our business would be done for sure during the now infamous Joplin tornados, but somehow our auto paint supply building and business managed to survive and good thing too, because it’s rough out here now and our house sure took a beating. I was just sayin’ to Jan the other day how happy I am we still have money rolling in. A lot of people weren’t as fortunate as… [Read More]

Local Billboard For Atheists Probably Means The World Will End Soon or Something

Above is a new billboard sitting on west-bound Highway 40 at Vandeventer. Paid for by The Greater St. Louis Coalition of Reason, the billboard’s goal is to both promoted the hybrid club made up of six different groups but also, they say, to let atheists, and other “non-believers” know that they aren’t alone because no one knows how to work Google or Facebook to find other people with similar interests, they only like to look up slightly while driving: [Read More]

Some Douche Bag Psycho Church Hates Lebanon, Missouri

Its no secret to us that they have a blog for everything these days, but its still hard to believe that there is a blog out there that counts down horrific events to people and places and then tries to spin it as god dropping the hammer for some perceived slight against the world. You know, horrible things like finding someone attractive that they don’t agree with or telling them to shut up when they are spouting hate-speech. [Read More]

Sedalia, Missouri’s School District is Run By Spineless Morons

If you graduated from Sedalia, Missouri’s school district, you are probably a moron. I’m just playing the odds here. Why? Well because apparently this wacky thing called science and specifically evolution isn’t cool enough to even be mentioned on a freaking t-shirt, let alone taught! T-shirts promoting the Smith-Cotton High School band’s fall program have been recalled because of concerns about the shirt’s evolution theme. The light gray shirts feature an image of a monkey progressing through various stages of evolution until eventually becoming a human. [Read More]