Here’s a Horrible Idea: Lets Go Try to Convert Kids to Our Religion Because We’re Assholes!

A Ballwin Islamic school, serving roughly 300 kindergarten through 8th graders, has been forced to give kids the day off today because a local group of adults has decided they’d like to interrupt the education of other people’s kids so they they can try and convert them to Christianity. An Islamic school has canceled classes for Friday after parents and faculty expressed concern about a Christian group gathering outside the school to distribute religious materials. [Read More]

The Rams Have Been Bought and the Hoosiers Are Pissed!

Lets face it. Hoosiers love football. Its not like Nascar where only hoosiers like it, but still…hoosiers love football. Ya think any of these totally liberal and culturally understanding fellas were a tad taken aback by the impeding sale of the Rams to some guy that didn’t look like them? Here’s a fun game! Go to the first post that broke the story on (here) and count the number of times some STLToday moderator had to remove someone’s comment for being “off topic. [Read More]

Blind Item: Infidelity and Baseball Played in the Snow?

Which Cardinal infielder switched positions and bed mates over the last year or two? We hear that this player has had lots of fun off the diamond without his wife and apparently isn’t at all shy talking about it. This same Cardinal also isn’t shy about the amount of time he and 2 of his young-ish Cardinal teammates play in the “snow”. Maybe all the testing is about ‘roids and not about the party drugs? [Read More]