Here’s a Horrible Idea: Lets Go Try to Convert Kids to Our Religion Because We’re Assholes!

Here’s a Horrible Idea: Lets Go Try to Convert Kids to Our Religion Because We’re Assholes!

A Ballwin Islamic school, serving roughly 300 kindergarten through 8th graders, has been forced to give kids the day off today because a local group of adults has decided they’d like to interrupt the education of other people’s kids so they they can try and convert them to Christianity.

 An Islamic school has canceled classes for Friday after parents and faculty expressed concern about a Christian group gathering outside the school to distribute religious materials.

“We sent a notice to parents that attendance was optional in case they didn’t feel comfortable,” said Donna Bari, a spokesman for Al-Salam Day School, which serves about 300 students in grades kindergarten through eighth. “Many, many called.”

As a result, Bari said, the principal and the school board agreed to close the school for the day.

This sucks. We’re talking about kids. Little kids. Who are just trying to go to school without being harassed by people who have decided on their own that these little kids are being raised in the “wrong” religion. If people wanted to learn more about Christanity, or any other religion, then they’ll find out how to get some information on their own, so deciding to canvas another group’s building is a dick move to do to adults, but do it to kids at a school is just a shitty thing to do and you know it. Good job “Reclaiming Missouri for Christ”, you people are f*cking assholes.

“This is definitely not a protest of any kind,” said Kiser, of Springfield, Mo. “There will be no signs, no megaphones. No yelling and screaming. Just gentle, loving outreach.”

…and she definitely wouldn’t mind if the Islamic church “gently” reached out to her kids right?

“We know there is a fine line and we might be looked at as hate mongers, but we’re doing this because we truly love them,” Kiser said. “If they take the packets, fine. If not, we’ll say ‘God bless’ and move on.”

You think an Islamic family living in St. Louis can’t figure out where to find some information on Christianity? They’re only surrounded by churches, Christian neighbors, friends and co-workers, but no, you’re right. Lets swing by their kid’s school just to be safe.

Again, just to be clear, believe whatever it is you want to believe, and yes, they have a right to stand wherever they want on public ground so we’re not saying they have to stop or can’t put their plan in to action…we’re just saying it’s a shitty thing to do. They know it, and they would be freaking the hell out if it was the other way around.

Swing on by to see their five-step plan for “freeing” people to think exactly like they do, articles about how it totally matters to the world who or what you privately put your dick in, and of course some shots of a shadowed crucifix with the sun setting in the background. We couldn’t find a Footprints poster in our quick glance, but we both know it’s there somewhere. For the third time: You want to believe all this stuff? Good for you. Glad you’re happy. But if you think for a second that a website just like this, but about Islam wouldn’t be marked as a “terrorist” site immediately by the same people you’re just not being honest.

And seriously, the very least you can do is leave kids out of it.

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