Southwest Airlines Pilot on Flight Attendants: “…just a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes”

A Southwest Airlines pilot has been indefinitely suspended after his tirade on the current state of airline flight attendants. The full audio is embedded below and it’s definitely offensive and NSFW, which is why we posted it on a Friday because, it’s fun to do wacky stuff on Fridays like wear Hawaiian shirts or go up to that new chick in accounting and throw a few double entendres her direction to see how she handles herself. [Read More]

Some Douche Bag Psycho Church Hates Lebanon, Missouri

Its no secret to us that they have a blog for everything these days, but its still hard to believe that there is a blog out there that counts down horrific events to people and places and then tries to spin it as god dropping the hammer for some perceived slight against the world. You know, horrible things like finding someone attractive that they don’t agree with or telling them to shut up when they are spouting hate-speech. [Read More]