Some Douche Bag Psycho Church Hates Lebanon, Missouri

Its no secret to us that they have a blog for everything these days, but its still hard to believe that there is a blog out there that counts down horrific events to people and places and then tries to spin it as god dropping the hammer for some¬†perceived¬†slight against the world. You know, horrible things like finding someone attractive that they don’t agree with or telling them to shut up when they are spouting hate-speech. [Read More]

F*ck You Dodger Fans

Our St. Louis tipsters have been sending us the link to this video over and over again this weekend, and it really is totally f*cked up. When you first start to watch it you may say, “Hey no mister! Don’t blast all Dodger fans for one asshole!” To that I say, keep watching…eventually the whole section shows its true colors: Dodger Dickhead Blue. Warning: Mumbled NSFW language. Hot Chick Owned in Bleacher Fight – Watch more Funny Videos [Read More]