F*ck You Dodger Fans

Our St. Louis tipsters have been sending us the link to this video over and over again this weekend, and it really is totally f*cked up.  When you first start to watch it you may say, “Hey no mister!  Don’t blast all Dodger fans for one asshole!”  To that I say, keep watching…eventually the whole section shows its true colors: Dodger Dickhead Blue.

Warning:  Mumbled NSFW language.

Hot Chick Owned in Bleacher Fight – Watch more Funny Videos

You know you comes out looking great in this video? St. Louis. I thought LA was supposed to be where all the hot chicks come from, but that poor girl in the Cardinals shirt is smoking hot…all covered in beer…her tshirt clinging to her kickin’ body…wait. Maybe I like those Dodger fans after all.