Sedalia, Missouri’s School District is Run By Spineless Morons

evolutionofmanIf you graduated from Sedalia, Missouri’s school district, you are probably a moron.  I’m just playing the odds here.  Why?  Well because apparently this wacky thing called science and specifically evolution isn’t cool enough to even be mentioned on a freaking t-shirt, let alone taught!

T-shirts promoting the Smith-Cotton High School band’s fall program have been recalled because of concerns about the shirt’s evolution theme.

The light gray shirts feature an image of a monkey progressing through various stages of evolution until eventually becoming a human. Each figure holds a brass instrument that also evolves, illustrating the theme “Brass Evolutions.”

The Assistant superintendent said the reason they actually listened to the morons that complained is because “the school districtis obligated to remain neutral on religion.” This is the #2 guy in charge of making that area’s kids smart, and he thinks evolution a religious issue.  Its not.  No, its absolutely not.  Evolution is science, if you disagree with tons of proof, fine, thats your call, you’re  a dipshit by the way, but thats fine.  However just because you “disagree” doesn’t make it a religious issue.  By that logic, Harry Potter is a religious issue because some retards think kids reading about witches makes jesus cry.

Don’t forget by the way that this isn’t even about teaching evolution, but about a joke tshirt that the freaking band had made!

You really suck Sedalia, Missouri.  I’m sorry if you happen to live there and don’t suck, and for the kids that want to, and I guess need to, learn about the world without some bullshit filter over it, there’s always Google.


…in fact, if you go to Sedalia High School, get a hold of me on the  tip line  or via email (editor[at]punchingkitty[dot]com).  I’d love to send you guys some shirts with the Punching Kitty logo and the headline to this article on them.