Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Coming Home to Speak at Webster University

twitter_fail_whale.jpgAny of  your tweet-up crazed St. Louis social media butterflies have a boner and not know why?  It’s probably because St. Louis’ own Jack Dorsey, Twitter creator, is coming to town to speak at Webster University on September 18th.

St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Deb Peterson had this to say:

Dorsey, 32, graduated from Bishop Dubourg High School in 1995. The newsy part of this for anyone who already knew that the Twitter co-founder, who has 1,161,116 followers (make that 1,161,117 since I just jumped on), was a local product, is that Dorsey will be in town Sept. 18 to speak at 10 a.m. at Webster University.

Other than talking at Webster, Dorsey has one other little thing on his schedule. [Editor’s Note: You Twitter detractors are going to love this!]  He’s going to throw out the first pitch at Saturday’s Cards / Cubs contest.  Yup, Twitter has reached that point.

Everyone be sure to show up at his talk at Webster and kibitz about how Facebook and Twitter have turned  your shitty business/blog in to a shitty business/blog that everyone hears too much about.  I bet he loves that kind of stuff.

(We kid! We kid!  You know we love you crazy Twitterers!)