Texas Tech Chess Team Transfered to Webster…All of Them!

You might have not realized it, but St. Louis is one of the world’s chess epicenters. No, we have no idea why since we watch baseball, but we’d guess it has something to do with all the time we spend inside here for reasons like: “It’s too cold!”, “It’s too hot!” or “Someone’s shooting at me!” No matter the reason, St. Louis is a great place to play chess and because of that, the entire roster of the reigning collegiate chess championship team are all transferring from Texas Tech to Webster University. [Read More]

Webster Counseling Student Sues After Being Dropped for Lack of Empathy

In our extensive experience we know that two things are required to make a good counselor: a sweater vest and empathy. Guess which one you can’t buy? A former Webster University student who was studying to be a family counselor says in a lawsuit that he was dismissed from a master’s degree program after it was determined that he lacked empathy. The suit, which claims up to $1 million in losses and seeks at least $2 million in punitive damages, alleges the school dismissed him quickly rather than help him improve his empathy to complete the field work required for graduating. [Read More]

Webster University Has a Parking Issue

This photo of someone’s witty reply to Mr. Gottlieb’s parking fine threat has been making the rounds today. Though according to the Webster University website there are 13 lots with various rules of who can park there and when, it’s not enough for some Webster students. One of them has a printer a couple thumb tacks and some free time. Also of note on the Webster University Parking Policy page is this little nugget: [Read More]

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Coming Home to Speak at Webster University

Any of your tweet-up crazed St. Louis social media butterflies have a boner and not know why? It’s probably because St. Louis’ own Jack Dorsey, Twitter creator, is coming to town to speak at Webster University on September 18th. St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Deb Peterson had this to say: Dorsey, 32, graduated from Bishop Dubourg High School in 1995. The newsy part of this for anyone who already knew that the Twitter co-founder, who has 1,161,116 followers (make that 1,161,117 since I just jumped on), was a local product, is that Dorsey will be in town Sept. [Read More]