Texas Tech Chess Team Transfered to Webster…All of Them!

Texas Tech Chess Team Transfered to Webster…All of Them!

You might have not realized it, but St. Louis is one of the world’s chess epicenters. No, we have no idea why since we watch baseball, but we’d guess it has something to do with all the time we spend inside here for reasons like: “It’s too cold!”, “It’s too hot!” or “Someone’s shooting at me!” No matter the reason, St. Louis is a great place to play chess and because of that, the entire roster of the reigning collegiate chess championship team are all transferring from Texas Tech to Webster University.

In an unprecedented move in the world of college competition, Texas Tech’s entire team will transfer to Webster University in the chess hotbed of St. Louis, home to the World Chess Hall of Fame. The private university promised more funding for the team and access to a new, 6,000-square-foot learning center in the city.

Unlike athletes who play college activities governed by the NCAA, chess players can transfer without sitting out for a year.

Of course the current Webster chess team has been banished from the school. Traded to St. Charles County Community College for a good student just dogging it for now while he finds himself to be named later.

The team’s success drew numerous suitors from universities looking to improve their chess programs. When Webster offered full scholarships for all players, [Coach] Polgar was sold.

Huh. Maybe the NCAA should look in to this. Whole teams being led by their coach to transfer to a new school without penalty? Sure it might seem harsh to “already pretty bald guy” (1), “dorky smile while not looking at the camera kid” (2)  or “stoic little dude” (3) to make them sit out for a whole year, but just seems weird that they can do something like this. Who will the Texas Tech football and basketball teams make help them with their “Beginner Algebra” homework now? Eh, who cares. If the basketball player can secretly get a car and all the tennis shoes he wants for being good at sports, these kids should get a free ride for being good at chess! Good for you guys! …plus no one can remember the last time anyone even glanced at a report card from a major sport athlete at a school like Texas Tech.

We’re happy for the new Webster chess team, but one note fellas: Don’t expect to see anything like this at Webster…

…so stare extra creepily at them in the quad while you have the chance.

via Yahoo! Sports