St. Louis Has the World’s Tallest Chess Piece

St. Louis’ growing resume as the center of the chess universe grew by 14.5 feet yesterday as the world’s largest chess piece was unveiled at the World Chess Hall of Fame in the Central West End yesterday. The king piece, which is 14.5 feet high and weighs 2,280 pounds, sits just outside the World Chess Hall of Fame. It was presented to promote the 2012 U.S. Chess Championships, which began on Tuesday and has been hosted by the club for the past four years. [Read More]

Texas Tech Chess Team Transfered to Webster…All of Them!

You might have not realized it, but St. Louis is one of the world’s chess epicenters. No, we have no idea why since we watch baseball, but we’d guess it has something to do with all the time we spend inside here for reasons like: “It’s too cold!”, “It’s too hot!” or “Someone’s shooting at me!” No matter the reason, St. Louis is a great place to play chess and because of that, the entire roster of the reigning collegiate chess championship team are all transferring from Texas Tech to Webster University. [Read More]

St. Louis Apparently Big in Chess Scene So We Pick Who Should Play the Pieces.

So apparently St. Louis is a chess hot-bed. Who knew? Apparently its such an awesome chess scene that this crap happened… A few weeks ago, [Hikaru Nakamura, the reigning national chess champion] made news simply by relocating. The 22-year-old announced he was moving from Seattle to St. Louis to be a part of the burgeoning chess scene and to be a spokesman for the swanky Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. [Read More]

Chess and Poop: St. Louis in Photos

Today while picking up some dinner we caught a group of gentlemen gathered around a couple of chess boards battling with each other’s wit as opposed to the chill outside. This is St. Louis. A warm place where friends get together via intelligent activities. Here’s a different photo from one of our readers that on his morning dog constitutional. It is a pile of homeless person poop neatly coiled in front of an Organic food store downtown. [Read More]
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The 2009 U.S. Chess Championship Comes to Saint Louis

Oh thats right ladies! St. Louis might not have Fleet Week, but this year we have The 2009 U.S. Chess Championship! Two dozen of the nation’s best chess players will be invited to participate in the 2009 U.S. Chess Championship, which will be held at the new Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. The tournament, which dates back to 1845, will take place from May 7 through 17, 2009 and will offer a purse of more than $130,000 in prize money. [Read More]