Dog Poop Causes Fight at Lucas Park

Here’s what we learned from this story: People don’t like to be pooped near. Those same people don’t like being called racial slurs afterward. Police say the 38-year old dog owner got into trouble when his dog relieved himself in the vicinity of a girl lying on the grass. The girl’s father and the dog owner exchanged words. Police say the dog owner, who is white, called the other man, who is black, a racial slur. [Read More]

Jefferson County Beaches Are Crappy

A Jefferson County beach is being investigated by the Department of Natural Resources because there’s just too much shit in the water. No, that’s not a shot, there is seriously a bunch of shit floating around. Like poop. During a regular inspection, staff found a substantial amount of waste water sludge in a backwater pool where the facility discharges its treated waste water. The inspector discovered the discharge site full of sewage. [Read More]

What Do the Cardinals and George Brett Have in Common?

After getting killed 10-3 in the last game of the three-game set in Kansas City over the weekend, one could say the Cardinals officially crapped themselves in Kansas City. That’s ok though. Kansas City Royals Hall of Famer George Brett says you’re good for one of those at least twice a year. Editor’s Note: NSFW audio…by which I mean, just put on headphones. We’ll tell you if the boss is coming. [Read More]

Guy Craps Himself at Brentwood Bar

We received a hot…well maybe we should call it “warm”…tip from one of our readers that witnessed a grown man crapping his pants at a bar, as in, in public, as in, running down his leg while he tried to casually walk over to the john. Too bad the men’s room doesn’t usually have those pull down changing tables. I was at Double D’s Lounge on Brentwood saturday. A dude in his twenties proceeded to poop his pants, leaving a trail of doody into the men’s restroom. [Read More]
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Chess and Poop: St. Louis in Photos

Today while picking up some dinner we caught a group of gentlemen gathered around a couple of chess boards battling with each other’s wit as opposed to the chill outside. This is St. Louis. A warm place where friends get together via intelligent activities. Here’s a different photo from one of our readers that on his morning dog constitutional. It is a pile of homeless person poop neatly coiled in front of an Organic food store downtown. [Read More]
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