The 8 Bit Bar is Trying to Boot Up on Cherokee Street

If you like an idea but you aren’t sure if everyone likes it too, the cool new thing to do is start a Kickstarter campaign and then only do the idea if everyone says they agree. It’s super smart way to go, we just wish we knew about it before we decided to execute our ill-fated date “just pull your dick out there at the picnic and she’ll probably go for it” plan. [Read More]

Guy Craps Himself at Brentwood Bar

We received a hot…well maybe we should call it “warm”…tip from one of our readers that witnessed a grown man crapping his pants at a bar, as in, in public, as in, running down his leg while he tried to casually walk over to the john. Too bad the men’s room doesn’t usually have those pull down changing tables. I was at Double D’s Lounge on Brentwood saturday. A dude in his twenties proceeded to poop his pants, leaving a trail of doody into the men’s restroom. [Read More]
bar  camo  pants  poop  sighting