Quick! Help Fund the Cinco de Mayo Parade

It’s no secret that one of our favorite things that St. Louis does every year is Cherokee Street’s Cinco de Mayo festival and the 4 year old parade. The parade is an awesomely random collection of weird costumes, bands, people riding scooters and cute little kids dressed as…well…it’s pretty clear they made their own costume. After that it’s street tacos and latin bands singing about who the hell knows what while old white ladies dance. [Read More]

The 8 Bit Bar is Trying to Boot Up on Cherokee Street

If you like an idea but you aren’t sure if everyone likes it too, the cool new thing to do is start a Kickstarter campaign and then only do the idea if everyone says they agree. It’s super smart way to go, we just wish we knew about it before we decided to execute our ill-fated date “just pull your dick out there at the picnic and she’ll probably go for it” plan. [Read More]

Secret Sound Festival Sneaks on to Cherokee Street This Weekend

Think the satellite “Rally for Sanity”is the only thing going on in town this Halloween weekend? Well we don’t blame you. It’s a secret after all. The Secret Sound Festival is going down on the city’s coolest street this weekend with a crap load of indie bands. Tickets to the festival come with all the free “Oh that band? Yeah. Totally saw them play forever ago. Their old stuff before they sold out was much better. [Read More]

Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street

Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street

Watch the video in HD at Vimeo or YouTube [Editor’s Note: Removed YouTube link after the video was removed because of our use of Sony Music’s background music. Go pirate some Sony music!]

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