Quick! Help Fund the Cinco de Mayo Parade

Quick! Help Fund the Cinco de Mayo Parade

It’s no secret that one of our favorite things that St. Louis does every year is Cherokee Street’s Cinco de Mayo festival and the 4 year old parade. The parade is an awesomely random collection of weird costumes, bands, people riding scooters and cute little kids dressed as…well…it’s pretty clear they made their own costume. After that it’s street tacos and latin bands singing about who the hell knows what while old white ladies dance. It’s just so weird, and we love it.

In fact we missed it last year while being out of town, so now we are really looking forward to this year’s parade, but guess what? The thing is 3 days away and it’s Kickstarter campaign isn’t yet fully funded. We gotta fix that.

Right now it’s down just over 1,000 dollars, which is a lot, but not collectively so lets throw a little money their way to make this parade happen because even if you can’t, or don’t want to go at least this is a pure fun thing in St. Louis rather than yet another rally for Knockout Game victims or something equally depressing.

Here’s our photo montage from two years ago that hopefully captures the delightful wackiness of the whole thing:

…and yes, get ready for more of the same on Monday as we’ll be down there all day with our camera again.

Location: Nebraska and Cherokee Street in South City

When: …um Saturday…the 5th…of May at 11am (parade at 1pm)

More Information: Cinco de Mayo STL.com, their Facebook page and the Kickstarter page