Missouri Representative Zach Wyatt Comes Out to Fight Anti-Gay Bill

Missouri Representative Zach Wyatt Comes Out to Fight Anti-Gay Bill

Today, during a press conference in which he read a prepared statement to a small group, Missouri Representative Zach Wyatt, a Republican, publicly came out while opposing the “Don’t Say Gay Bill“. This news is a bit of a surprise as Wyatt now stands as the lone gay Republican currently in office, but it’s no surprise to anyone that had visited Wyatt’s Wikipedia page:

An orange dress shirt? No straight man would dare buy or wear that unless it was in puffy hunting vest form. We’re not saying he’s not pulling it off, we’re just saying…you know…kinda obvious.

“I will not lie to myself anymore about my own sexuality,” state Rep. Zachary Wyatt said during a press conference at the State Capitol. “It has probably been the hardest thing to come to terms with. I have always ignored it, didn’t even think about it or want to talk about it. I’ve not been immune to it. I hear the comments — usually snide ones — about me.”

“This is why I’m here today to ask members of my party who support or signed onto House Bill 2051 to withdraw their support,” the GOP lawmaker remarked. “If I can save one kid from hurting themselves or taking their life then I’ve done my job as a representative.”

This is great news for him personally, and a great kick in the balls for a stupid bill that had no point other than to make assholes pretend things they don’t like don’t exist. There’s not even much of a point in ripping the bill further since a bill that would ban talking about a certain subject, any subject, in schools is already a joke.

There is one thing in Wyatt’s prepared remaks that we take issue with. He made a point to say:

“Today I ask you all to lead, to stand up for freedom and individual rights. Today I ask you to stand with me as a proud Republican, a proud veteran and a proud gay man — who wants to protect all kids — addressing bullying in our schools.”

…and then promptly announced that he will not be seeking reelection and will be moving to Hawaii to study Marine Biology. Really dude? We get that it’s been tough for you and that it might only get worse in certain corners now that your officially out, but is there better place to be a leader than being an openly gay Republican politician holding office? Sure you have the rest of the year, and maybe you’re sure that your home district (2nd) wouldn’t vote you back in to office, but after a speech like that it seems awfully weird to just hang it up.

What better way to cap off your message against bullying of all kinds against GLBT people by standing up there and saying that you’re going to help lead the charge by making sure bills like the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” don’t become law? It would be like telling those young gay kids: Hang in there kid and screw those guys that talk to you like that….er, don’t screw them, that’s not what we meant….just tell them they can just shove it up their asses…shit…ok, keeping it simple, just give them the finger…crap…just do something to tell them to stop, but don’t make it sound like a gay sex reference as that might just backfire and get you in the end…dammit.

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Video of Waytt’s press conference in on YouTube