Brad Pitt’s Mom Dislikes the Gays

Brad Pitt is from Missouri, and his parents still live in Missouri while he has gone on to be famous and do all kinds of cool stuff including be in tons of awesome movies and Angelina Jolie. But deep down he’s just like you and me because his mom is still embarrassing the crap out of him by writing letters to the local Springfield, MO paper denouncing homosexual lifestyles and abortion. [Read More]

St. Louis Pride Parade 2012

Update: Video embed fixed.

We, like thousands of others, took in the 2012 edition of the St. Louis Pride Parade Sunday. As always, the parade was entertaining as ever, but the unofficial theme of the parade might well have been “Too Much of a Good Thing” as the parade stretched on well past 2 hours in length. By 2pm most of the crowd had started to shift in to the park, any only a few people, including the little guy with the meth-teeth who tried to pick a fight with us over…well we still aren’t sure, hung around taking photos of the umpteenth political campaign handing out little wastes of money. Of course, while the parade was crazy long, the reason it was long was worth the sunburn: Lots of groups wanted to show their support for the Pride Day message, and that’s great. We have a little slide show with the full parade (in 3 minutes!) and after the jump, we have a few of our favorite shots from the day which have been laid out in a nice, non-stupid ass slideshow format that everyone else does:

Click through the jump to see the best shots of the day!

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Missouri Representative Zach Wyatt Comes Out to Fight Anti-Gay Bill

Today, during a press conference in which he read a prepared statement to a small group, Missouri Representative Zach Wyatt, a Republican, publicly came out while opposing the “Don’t Say Gay Bill“. This news is a bit of a surprise as Wyatt now stands as the lone gay Republican currently in office, but it’s no surprise to anyone that had visited Wyatt’s Wikipedia page: An orange dress shirt? No straight man would dare buy or wear that unless it was in puffy hunting vest form. [Read More]

Saturday Kiss Cam Hangover: The Top 10 Kiss Cam Photoshops

Because of the popularity of yesterday’s post on the Cardinals Kiss Cam controversy (say that 10 times fast), we have a few trailing notes that we wanted to share via a special weekend post!

– Largely ignored in the previous post, we should have given the Cardinals, as a whole, more credit. Good for them for promoting (kinda) a “Out at the Ballpark” day. No matter what happens with the Kiss Cam at the game today, this is a nice gesture and a step in the right direction.

– The Vital Voice did a great video about the “Out at the Ballpark” day along with their own coverage of the Kiss Cam noise. Watch through the end for their own take on the Kiss Cam. “First Gay Day At Busch Stadium / Kiss Cam Controversy

– We loved making them and more than a few of your expressed that you really enjoyed our collection of “odd” Kiss Cam’s that dotted the right side of the initial post. For that reason, and the fact that we made a few more that didn’t make it in the post, we present to you the..

Top 10 Kiss Cam Photoshops

10. The Kissing Fatties – Notice the bag of Cheetos that we swear to you were in the original photo.

9. The Pariere Dogs – Life on the pariere was never the same after this.

8. Woman and Horse – No idea how she got that horse up in to the stands.

7. The White Sox – …If this Greek-warrior level of closeness worked for them, maybe Tony should look in to it.

6. Batman and Robin – No shock here. You knew it, we knew it, they knew it.

See the top 5 after the jump!

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St. Louis Pride Parade!

The sun was slowing cooking us and we felt drastically under-dressed, but we were there, in the crowd, for St. Louis’ annual Pride Parade yesterday. Great crowd (in both size and energy) and as always, visually interesting. We had a great time hanging out (though not as much fun as the guy picture above had hanging out) and putting together another Punching Kitty photo montage, which you can watch below or in HD at our Vimeo page. [Read More]