Craig Cornett Died

Craig Cornett Died

Craig Cornett, the former morning show host on St. Louis’s 93.7 The Bull who disappeared from the public eye after being let go from the station and getting in to trouble with the law early last year, was found dead Tuesday in his Jonesboro, Arkansas home.

Police say Cornett was found sitting upright in a chair. His ex-wife said she thought he was asleep, but when she tried to wake him she noticed he was cold to the touch, he was not breathing, and his feet were purple. She said she noticed his eyes and neck were swollen and he was stiff.

Authorities believe Cornett had been deceased for several hours, or possibly days.

While the cause of death is still officially unknown, it seems suicide is the most likely cause as the home showed no signs of break-in and Cornett was only 46.

Nothing indicating a cause of death was found immediately near Cornett, but an empty sleeping pill bottle was found in the sink of the downstairs main bathroom.

Cornett had a decent following during his run as the ClearChannel owned country station’s morning guy, but he was axed in favor of Jill Devine in August of 2009. After that, Cornett seemed to fill his days with vague Facebook messages to fans about new projects that never did seem to materialize. The last time Cornett found himself in the headlines was in January of 2011 after being arrested for assaulting a 75-year old man in the parking lot of a local casino. A charge that he defended on his Twitter account as recently as September:

(Thanks to Joe for using our link as a means to berate someone via Twitter!)

Shortly after that exchange however, his Twitter account and Facebook page both went dark. At some point he moved back to his home in Arkansas and according to KSDK’s report, he was having issues with ex-wives.

Police say Cornett’s ex-wife told them Cornett was in bed with her Monday night and couldn’t sleep. She told authorities “he said he wanted the pain to go away” and she believed he was referring to problems he was having with another ex-wife of his.

It doesn’t sound like Craig was a very happy guy, or maybe he was, but just really really hated old people and ex-wives (who might be old), but regardless it is certainly sad news to hear of his passing. One quick Facebook search turned up a lot of fans reacting to the news.

via KSDK and the many tips we got from the tip line