Craig Cornett Beat Up a 75-Year Old Man

Former 93.7 the Bull’s morning show host Craig Cornett‘s fans have been waiting for some time now to find out what Cornett’s next big project would be. A new job at a local music station? Maybe a straight talk format show? Something online? Nope! The first real mention of Craig Cornett  since dropping of the airwaves in August of 2009 is about…Cornett beating the hell out of a 75 year old man in the parking lot of a casino!

Authorities said Cornett, 45, of O’Fallon, Mo., admitted to assaulting a 75-year-old man who, a St. Charles County deputy said, “was unable to defend himself due to his age and frailty” in the parking lot of the Ameristar Casino on Dec. 30, 2010.

Yup, this sounds bad, but lets be fair here. This could be some kind of performance art. Maybe Cornett’s “performance” here is saying that life is futile. Like, sure you think you’re sitting at age 75 thinking you’ve dodged life’s best shots to take you down and all you want to do is go slam nickels in to a slot machine as you wait for natural causes to take their toll when out of nowhere, a former country station morning show host jumps out of his car and beats you like you like a bitch. You know, performance art! …wacky morning show gag maybe?

In a court document, authorities said Cornett struck the man in the head and face repeatedly with his fist “causing the crime victim to fall back into a metal vehicle door. Cornett continually struck the crime victim when no resistance or aggression was presented. The crime victim sustained numerous lacerations, contusions and swelling about his head and face.”

Nothing says “keeping busy” like frequenting St. Charles casinos and fighting old men in the parking lot. Be sure to check out Cornett’s next big projects that include kicking little girls in the neck and telling area vending machines that he “…used to be somebody! I used to be on the radio!”

Cornett is out on bond and will be charged with third-degree assault. A crime that carries a maximum of one year in jail.

This video Cornett made in June of 2009 now seems oddly appropriate:

via STLToday (and our tipsters for the video link!)