Craig Cornett Died

Craig Cornett, the former morning show host on St. Louis’s 93.7 The Bull who disappeared from the public eye after being let go from the station and getting in to trouble with the law early last year, was found dead Tuesday in his Jonesboro, Arkansas home. Police say Cornett was found sitting upright in a chair. His ex-wife said she thought he was asleep, but when she tried to wake him she noticed he was cold to the touch, he was not breathing, and his feet were purple. [Read More]

Craig Cornett Beat Up a 75-Year Old Man

Former 93.7 the Bull’s morning show host Craig Cornett‘s fans have been waiting for some time now to find out what Cornett’s next big project would be. A new job at a local music station? Maybe a straight talk format show? Something online? Nope! The first real mention of Craig Cornett since dropping of the airwaves in August of 2009 is about…Cornett beating the hell out of a 75 year old man in the parking lot of a casino! [Read More]

It’s Official: Cornett Out, Devine In on the Bull’s Morning Shift

We mentioned this a while back, but now is reporting its all official and junk. Radio trades and Secret Squirrel seem to agree: Bull mid-dayer Jill Devine is now officially on mornings permanently and PD Billy Greenwood is moving from PM Drive to Mid-days. We don’t listen to country music, but we do love Jill Devine and hope she does well in her new time slot! That being said, this was yet another truly bizarre move by Clearchannel. [Read More]

Is This the Final Goodbye From The Bull’s Craig Cornett?

Craig Cornett managed to barely survive the swing of the Radio Grim Reaper’s scythe the last time the bell tolled at ClearChannel, but his time may have finally come. Our sources say he posted this on his Facebook profile last night: Hey everyone… I wish I could explain everything, but just hang in there and someday soon… uh, um, ahh… I think I’ve said too much. As MacArthur said “I shall return! [Read More]