Out of Towners to Take Over on Bull Mornings

After Jill Devine’s departure from the ClearChannel owned 93.7 The Bull, the word was that her sucessor was to be Jim Doyle, as reported by STLMedia.net. We’ve heard this isn’t the case. As soon as today, Devine’s, now vacant, morning shift will be filled by a two-man out-of-town morning show, not Jim Doyle. [Editor’s Note: Is that was she said? …hmm. Maybe.] We don’t know the names of the gentlemen running St. [Read More]

What Are You Up to Craig Cornett?

After being kind of let go and then officially leaving St. Louis’ #2 country music station 93.7 The Bull, the former morning show host Craig Cornett has taken to Facebook to post photos and leave mysterious messages. Early last Saturday morning Craig posted this to his wall: I wish I could tell you all exactly what is going on… Let’s just say I shall return! mark your calendar and watch this page for a BIG announcement on: Feb 23, 2010! [Read More]

Is This the Final Goodbye From The Bull’s Craig Cornett?

Craig Cornett managed to barely survive the swing of the Radio Grim Reaper’s scythe the last time the bell tolled at ClearChannel, but his time may have finally come. Our sources say he posted this on his Facebook profile last night: Hey everyone… I wish I could explain everything, but just hang in there and someday soon… uh, um, ahh… I think I’ve said too much. As MacArthur said “I shall return! [Read More]