Is This the Final Goodbye From The Bull’s Craig Cornett?

craig cornettCraig Cornett managed to barely survive the swing of the Radio Grim Reaper’s scythe the last time the bell tolled at ClearChannel, but his time may have finally come.

Our sources say he posted this on his Facebook profile last night:

Hey everyone… I wish I could explain everything, but just hang in there and someday soon… uh, um, ahh… I think I’ve said too much. As MacArthur said “I shall return!” Wait… the Filipino people waited over 2 years. I would never do that to you. Think of me more like Tupac. A hail of bullets and even death will not be enough to shut me up! I will be posting as often as possible. God Bless You All

That sure doesn’t sound like “Man I love my job and I will totally have it still a week from now” to us.

As many of  you know, Cornett, the morning show host on local Country music radio station, 93.7 the Bull, was on a prolonged, and mysterious absence and then returned fairly recently.  Because of that, this news might not be much of a shock since prolonged and mysterious absences are rarely good for one’s career.

As always we’ll keep you all updated if we hear anything else.

I bet he’s wishing he would have wasted his custom Facebook profile name with “craigcornettmornings” now.