A Mass Exodus is Brewing at KSDK

angry_woman_1First Deanne Lane, then Cordell Whitlock, who’s next to leave local NBC affiliate KSDK?  Apparently it could be anyone because our source says they are all pretty pissed:

****…morale is way down there because of forced pay cuts everyone had to take last year.  That’s why you’ve seen several resignations there in the last year and you’ll likely see a few more.

This recent reports matches what much of what me and others have heard for a while now:  No one is happy there.  We aren’t just talking about “I work in a dying media that is run by morons” pissed off, this is really pissed off.

All signs point to more and more senior people hitting the door and you getting told about the progress of Highway 40 by a 21 year old guy like this.